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Find an A.A. meeting nearby.


If you are having a problem finding a meeting near you give us a call (512)-790-3645 


Bangs Group

Community Center Housing Authority

Bangs, Texas 76873

Contact:  325-642-3085

Wednesday 5:30pm NS-O-D
Brady Group

Heart of Texas Hope House

1303 N. Walnut Street

Brady, Texas 76825

Contact:  432-638-0846

Group Phone:  325-597-3725

Monday 7:00pm NS-O-D
Tuesday 5:30pm NS-O-W
Wednesday No meeting at this time

Thursday 7:00pm NS-O-BB
Saturday 7:00pm 3rd Saturday NS-O-SP

 Last Saturday NS-O-BD (6pm Pot Luck Supper on Last Saturday of Month
Brady Solutions Group 

1111 S Blackburn st

St.Pauls Episcopal Church

Brady, Texas 76825

Contact:(325) 234-3333

Tuesdays 7 pm. O-NS-BB
Browntowner Group

502 W. Austin Avenue

Brownwood, Texas 76801

Contact:  432-664-7879

Group Phone:  325-646-4144

Sunday 9am 0-D/ 6:30pm NS-O-D
Monday 7am NS-C-D/ 12pm NS-O/ 6:30pm NS-O-BG
Tuesday 7am NS-O-D/ 12pm NS-C-ST
Wednesday 7am NS-C-D/12pmNS-O/ 6:30pm NS-C-D
Thursday 7am NS-O-BB/ 12pm NS-O-BB/ 6:30pm NS-C-Mens/ womens OBS in alanon room
Friday 7am NS-O-D/12NS-O/ 6:30pm NS-O-D
Saturday 7am NS-C-D/ 12pm NS-C-D (6:30 1st Sat Bday Night & 2nd Sat Family/Speaker night)
Brownwood Group

Story Computer Building

3495 Hwy 377 South

Brownwood, Texas 76801

Contact:  325-998-6001


Sunday 8pm
Monday 8pm
Tuesday 8pm
Thursday 8pm
Friday 8pm
Coleman Group

309 South Pecos

Coleman, Texas 76834

Contact:  325-726-9194

Tuesday 7pm NS-O-BS
Friday No meeting at this time slot
Difference Group (TDCJ Unit)

290 West Wallace St.

San Saba, Texas 76877

Contact:  325-456-2714

Thursday 3:45pm  Nedd Clearance to Attend
Mason Group

Church of Christ

230 E College St

Mason, Texas 76856

Contact:  325-347-4491

Tues 7pm NS-O-ST
Weds Noon NS-O-BB
Thurs 7pm NS-O-D
Menard Group

Masonic Hall on Callan Street

Menard, Texas 76859

Contact:  325-456-3395


Wednesday & Friday 8pm S-O-D
Last Friday of the Month S-O-BD (Starts at 7pm Pot Luck Dinner)
San Saba Group

208 W. Wallace Street

San Saba, Texas 76877

Contact:  210-722-4474

Thursday 7pm NS-O-D
Santana Group

Santa Anna Fire Station - 2nd Street

Santa Anna, Texas 76878

Contact:  214-274-3259


Wednesday 7pm NS-O-D
TR Havins Unit Speaker Meeting (TDCJ Unit)

Brownwood, Texas 76801

Contact:  512-993-6560

1st & 3rd Saturdays of Each Month
Need Clearance to Attend
 O-  Open Meeting
 C-  Closed Meeting
 D-  Discussion Meeting
BB-  Big Book Study
BD-  Birthday Night
 W-  Women's Meeting
 M-  Men's Meeting
BG-  Beginner's Meeting
ST-  Step Study &/or Traditions
SP-  Speaker Meeting
 S-  Smoking Meeting
NS-  Non-Smoking Meeting
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